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UFOs & Nukes

The UFO / Nuclear Weapons Connection


Ten UFOs Cavort Above Nuclear Missiles at Malmstrom AFB

Air Force Witnesses Quickly Silenced

Since 1973, I have interviewed more than 140 U.S. military veterans regarding their knowledge of incidents involving UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites. Seven of those individuals participated in my September 27, 2010 “UFOs and Nukes” press conference, in Washington D.C., which CNN streamed live. The full-length video may be viewed at my website’s homepage.

The latest interview, with former U.S. Air Force Security Policeman Joseph C. Pscolka, Jr., occurred earlier this week.

He told me:

I don’t remember the exact date, but one night in 1986, at Malmstrom Air Force Base, [Montana], when I was working as Alpha-1 Flight Security Controller (FSC), I got a phone call from the Bravo-1 FSC about a group of lights darting around in the sky to his south. A-1 was the command post for the 10th Strategic Missile Squadron. I turned out the Security Control Center lights so I could see better and, sure enough, there was a group of five lights zooming around in the night sky.

They all maneuvered like nothing manmade could have, then or now. They didn't move fluidly; it was high-speed darting around. They made sharp-angled turns, one after the other, until they all stopped at the same time, instantly.

It was late fall with a completely overcast sky, so it was pitch black outside. I told everyone on the site about it, then shut off the Launch Control Facility (LCF) perimeter lights. Then the phone started ringing off the hook, as all of the other LCFs in the squadron area called to report the lights.

As I hung up the phone, five more lights descended slowly from the clouds to join the first five. They stopped momentarily, then all ten began to dart around like crazy fireflies for about a minute, before descending very close to the ground. Then they zipped-off at high speed in all directions, disappearing into the clouds.

I notified the Alpha Launch Control Center, [where the two launch officers were on alert], then Wing Security Control, which monitors security operations in the missile complex, among other things, and reports incidents up the chain-of-command.

There was quite the buzz among everyone present. We talked about it long after the lights left. The next morning, the Wing Commander and the Security Police Group Commander came out to A-1 and grilled me for about an hour. The Wing Commander—can't recall his name—was very curious about what I saw. I distinctly remember he postulated that, ‘We can't be alone in this Universe.’ The Group Commander was more concerned about whether OpSec (Operations Security) or CommSec (Communications Security) had been compromised.

When we got back to base, [every Security Policeman] working in the missile complex that night had to sign a non-disclosure agreement over the incident. Those were issued by the Group Commander. I never did talk to anyone from the Office of Special Investigations, which surprised me. I never heard another thing about it again.

I told Pscolka I was surprised to hear that the Wing Commander had candidly speculated about a possible extraterrestrial origin for the UFOs. He replied, “Well, he had asked me what I thought the lights were and I said something like, ‘no manmade aircraft could perform those maneuvers,’ so that’s when he made the remark about it being a big Universe. I think he was just agreeing with me, in an informal way, that the incident was unexplainable.”

Over the past four decades, I have interviewed more than 160 U.S. Air Force veterans regarding their involvement in UFO incidents at nuclear weapons sites. An overview of the key cases is presented in my documentary film; a more comprehensive summary of the UFO-Nukes Connection may be found in my book. Declassified documents relating to some of these incidents are also available.

CNN live-streamed my September 27, 2010 press conference in Washington D.C. During that event, seven retired Air Force officers divulged that UFOs have monitored and even shut down our nuclear missiles for decades.

An article containing the veterans' affidavits as well as a small cross-section of nukes-related documents: The UFOs-Nukes Connection Press Conference

The full-length video of the event: