UFOs & Nukes

UFOs & Nukes

The UFO / Nuclear Weapons Connection


How the CIA Views the UFO Phenomenon

Victor Marchetti was an analyst at the National Security Agency before joining CIA in 1955. He worked in the Office of Research and Reports, the Office of National Estimates, the National Photographic Interpretation Center, and was a special assistant to the Deputy Director. He resigned from CIA in 1969.

With John D Marks, he wrote The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence, which was published in 1974. The following article was originally published in Second Look magazine in 1979.

The MJ-12 Affair: Facts, Questions, Comments


First, it has been established that "Falcon", one of the principle sources of the MJ-12 material, is Richard C. Doty, formerly attached to District 17 Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) at Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sgt. Doty retired from the U.S. Air Force on October 1, 1988.

How do I know that Doty is "Falcon"? During a recent telephone conversation, Linda Moulton Howe told me that when Sgt. Doty invited her to his office at Kirtland AFB in early April 1983, and showed her a purportedly authentic U.S. Government document on UFOs, he identified himself as code-name "Falcon" and stated that it was Bill Moore who had given him that name.

Also, in early December 1988, a ranking member of the production team responsible for the "UFO Cover Up? — Live" television documentary confirmed that Doty is "Falcon". This same individual also identified the second MJ-12 source who appeared on the program, "Condor", as Robert Collins who was, until recently, a Captain in the U.S. Air Force. Like Doty, he was stationed at KAFB when he left the service late last year.

Both Doty and Collins deny any involvement in the MJ-12 affair. However, Linda Howe has issued a sworn affidavit, agreeing to testify under penalty of perjury, relating to the events during the course of her meeting with Richard "Falcon" Doty at KAFB in 1983 (Enclosures A and B). Thus far, Doty has not issued a sworn affidavit, or agreed to testify under penalty of perjury, to re-enforce his denial that the events of his meeting with Howe occured as she has described them.

For the moment, I will not identify the "UFO Coverup? — Live" source who identified Doty as "Falcon" and Collins as "Condor". I do, however, encourage others to independently attempt to secure confirmation of the statements that he has already made. At least two producers connected with the documentary know the facts.